Kelly's KidzKelly’s Kidz, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing spaces or items for play by empowering the community to fund the resources that help reduce the impact of trauma in pediatric hospital settings. We would be honored it if your school could help us keep our mission and vision alive by hosting one of our legendary Kelly’s Kidz Dance-A-Thon’s!

“There are a multitude of extraordinary children’s hospitals in The Tri-State area that treats kids of all ages, and all diagnosis’. There are kids in there who are recovering from having their appendix or their tonsils out, to kids battling the harshest of pneumonia, a trauma, cancer, and so much more.

But they are still KIDS! They miss being with their friends and in their own schools, and the hospital provides so many ways to help these kids still play and be kids!! The money raised by your school at your dance, will go directly to helping the kids in the hospital still PLAY! Arts and crafts, games and toys to play with in their hospital rooms, holiday parties, all things that take their minds off being sick. And you get to it by simply having a great time dancing!

The Basics:
A dance party for all grades held in your school gymnasium, complete with an awesome DJ, interactive games, raffles, food and more!! Kelly’s Kidz will provide the DJ for the night who will play all the most current and popular music to keep everyone on their feet and moving! Plus games such as musical chairs, Huggy Bear, and the Limbo!

Participation and Sign Up’s:
$25 admission – This gets you admission to the dance, plus a dance-a-thon t shirt, and snacks (Wawa donates soft pretzels and water) to keep you going!

Students may pay in advance by check to the school, or pay at the door the night of the dance! Cash accepted and Kelly’s Kidz will also provide the credit card square for credit card charges upon entry!

Added Fun
A theme that has been a big hit in the past – a glow/black out party! Everyone wears white and Kelly’s Kidz would provide the glow in the dark paint for faces and shirts!! Awesome activities such as these take the dance-a-thon to another level!

Add On’s & Endless Possibilities

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“Change Wars”
Each grade will collect change throughout the week, on Friday they will each present their “bucket” of change to the donated change machine provided from the bank to the school! Their will be the big reveal on which grade collected the most change!! Top grade wins for example a pizza party… or dress down day, etc.

Sponsorship For Dancers
An option to have students obtain sponsorship for their dancing! Award for the most individual sponsorship raised. (Student gets to come on TV with Bob Kelly on FOX29!) Or award for the grade with the most sponsorship money raised!

Raffle Baskets
Each grade creates and donates 3 raffle baskets to be raffled off at the dance!


Leadership Team – One student from each grade to offer creative insight for dance and motivate their classmates to buy tickets! Possible incentives for classes

Parent Volunteers

  • 3 adults to work the table for entry at the door
  • 2 adults selling “shout outs” at a separate table
  • 1-2 at each “game” station, if it involves money 2 adults required
  • 2 parent volunteers from each class to put together 3 themed raffle baskets per class
  • 4 adults at concession table
  • 6-8 adults as floaters/chaperones

So loosely 18-20 volunteers (This is all continent upon the size of the school and the classes attending. Obviously, this number could be lowered or raised depending on the size of the school hosting)

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